Painting Parties Manhattan

Mobile Painting Parties in Manhattan New York

Paint and Pour with the best local mobile painting party company in Manhattan New York. Brushes N’ Vino!
Paint your very own masterpiece within two hours with our create entertainer all in the comfort of
your own home, office, community room, hotel or resort meeting room, church, or any venue of
your choice.

It’s fun and easy to learn with Brushes N’ Vino. Whether you’re entertaining friends for
Friends giving, family for Thanksgiving, or a Holiday party for your corporate event, Brushes N’
Vino is here to deliver a fun and memorable paint and pour party you and your friends will talk
about for years and years to come.

We are mobile, so that means our local artist will come straight to your front door with all the
paint party supplies needed. Brushes N’ Vino’s artists are highly trained, professional artists,
and are ready to help you and your guest have blast painting.
The artist will guide you and your group through painting any one of our paintings from our
gallery. You’ll learn the primary colors and how to mix colors to create all the other colors of the
rainbow. You’ll learn simple painting techniques, brush strokes, and what each brush can be
used for.This is a party you and your friends will never forget, it’s addicting, that you’ll want to do this
every month.

Private at home painting and pour parties are the latest to have. Be the talk of the town and
paint with us! Be the first in your group to book a paint and sip party with Brushes N’ Vino and
you’ll be the envy of all your friends. You’re friends will never forget the amazing experience
they have with Brushes N’ Vino.

Express yourself creatively, find your inner Van Gogh with our top artists at Brushes N’ Vino
Mobile Paint and Pour. Relax, have a great time, and book your private paint party today!
We services all ages, kids 3 years old to adults 100+, creative lasting experiences that everyone
will cherish and remember for decades.

Give us a call or text at 949-478-0065 or email us at create@brushesnvino.com to inquire about
your very own paint and pour party.

Enjoyed partying with us and want to become a VIP member and learn to paint in the comfort of
your own home at anytime. Sign up to become a member and you’ll receive access to five
video tutorials a month that you can access anytime of day or night. You’ll get your very own
set of supplies to learn how to paint.