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About Us

Brushes N’ Vino® and Brushes N’ Kiddos specialize in Birthday Paint Party, Kids Paint Party, Bachelorette Party, Live Male Model Paint Party, Team Building, Church Events, Paint Gratitude Rocks, Vision Board Workshops, and other creative events as a fun way of creating lasting memories with friends and family.

Brushes N’ Kiddos is our children’s paint party division. We’ve created special paint parties just for kids. Brushes N’ Vino has highly trained and qualified teachers. Step by step instructions and the best materials to make sure your expectations are exceeded. We are mobile, specializing in private parties at your home, office, or any venue.


Owner & Artist

Ronalyn Lund

Aside from being an amazingly talented artist, Ronalyn is an independent professional business owner, a loving & playful mother, and a faithful and loyal friend. Ronalyn is also a devoted Christian, putting her faith into action in her professional and personal ventures.

Ronalyn began in 2016 with a vision to empower and inspire individuals to express themselves creatively… to detach from the daily routine of work and technology and to reconnect with friends, family, and colleagues, creating fun memories and sparking new friendships along the way.


“It’s a great feeling to see your creation come to life. I started Brushes ‘n Vino® Mobile Paint Parties in 2016 as a single Mom when my daughter was only 4 years old. I worked a full-time job and worked on my business after I made dinner, gave my daughter a bath, and tucked her in.

I remember working until 2 am every night and then getting up for work and take my daughter to school the next morning. It’s been so much fun creating memories with my clients and learning so much about operating and growing a business.”



Lily Abrams

Lily is a social butterfly with a love for all forms of creativity. When she’s not teaching with Brushes N’ Vino, she spends her time selling and creating art pieces of her own.

She uses art as a way to heal from emotional trauma and aims to help others relax and express themselves while they create their own masterpieces.

Lily believes every work of art can bring something new and beautiful into this world, and all it takes is a blank canvas and a little creativity.



Danielle Moses

Danielle is an actor and illustrator who believes art is the great uniting bridge between all people. A lifelong artist, Danielle graduated from The University of Central Florida with a BA in Theatre and a Minor in Studio Art. Her unique blend of skills makes Brushes N Vino an ideal place for her explore human connection, and she aims to make every event as fun and memorable as possible. 

She uses a variety mediums to tell stories, and aims to create works that elicit genuine emotional responses. When she isn’t on set, she divides her time between selling original pieces and accepting challenging commissions. She has a passion for fantasy illustration, and relishes every opportunity to bring to life the characters and creatures in her client’s minds. Danielle is excited to combine entertainment and visual art to bring joy to as many people as possible.  



Annastasia Nahanni

Annastasia Nahanni is a California contemporary ceramic sculptor, born in Phoenix, Arizona.

She has enjoyed creating in a variety of materials since early childhood. She emphasized in Art at California High School in Whittier, taking 4 years of Ceramics, 3 years of Art and 1 year of Industrial Crafts. Anna won Art awards in school and has since shown artworks in Whittier, Coastal Eddy Gallery in Laguna Beach, Fullerton, Claremont, at the Hillcrest Art Show and at the AMOCA Studio Gallery.
Anna has a B.A. in Art from Cal State Fullerton and a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from Cal State, Los Angeles.




“Children’s Mural” – Children’s Bureau in Baldwin Park, CA.

Teaching Experience

“Art for Everyone” – Multicultural Art Booth at various community and cultural events
“All the Arts for All the Kids” – Fullerton School District Special
“The Special Arts Festival” – Los Angeles, CA.
“Children’s Art Festival” – Long Beach, CA.
Title IX Indian Education – “Native American Symbolism in Art”- Montclair, CA.

Art Therapy Programs

Women and Children’s Crisis Shelter – Whittier, CA.
Covina Development Center and Stepping Stones for Women – Covina, CA
Crittenton Child and Family Services – Fullerton, CA



Anita Brett

Anita began her journey as a self-taught artist and later graduated from the Art Institute of the Inland Empire. It was there that she strengthened her design skills and painting techniques. During her free time, Anita enjoys painting pet portrait commissions called Memories on Stone. Anita’s unique style and diverse background are perfectly suited to Brushes N’ Vino’s custom requests and teaching methods.

An advocate of learning and sharing knowledge, Anita is thankful for the opportunity to help people relax and have some fun in hopes of awakening the inner peace, happiness and potential within all of us.


Louie Regalado

A local artist out of central coast’s city of Lompoc, Louie Regalado has been devoted to the arts since a young child. Now as an adult he does his best to give back to his community by directing the nonprofit “First Thursdays” art show that features local artists from the central coast on the first Thursday of every month.

Beyond the art shows and the murals that he has painted in town, he has also been instructing paint classes for the last few years for any and every age group for Brushes N’ Vino® private and public events.



Virginia Viera

Virginia was born in 1958, in a quiet town half an hour away from Argentina’s capital city Buenos Aires. Born to middle class parents who worked and lived near the “Delta” by the Lujan River, she has always loved the water and simple things in life. She showed an interest and ability for the arts from an early age. She started studying painting when she was 5 years old and has been doing it all her life, taking her love for the arts to different areas; always trying new techniques, surfaces, and using a wide variety of styles and mediums, and using whatever she gets her hands on to make her art very unique. She studied Architecture at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, in Argentina, from which she graduated in 1982; but she always kept focusing on what she really loves, Art. Even though she took classes to help her improve her techniques, she has always focused on self-learning, by trying new things on her own approaching things with her own personal touch. 

She studied for many years with Ventura Valente, with whom she participated in many regional expositions. She also studied Sculpture with Viviana Scabatini, with where she had her work presented at many art shows. .A few years ago she moved to Los Angeles, California to start a new life. She attended some sculpture classes at the Barnsdall Center; and now focuses a lot of her energy in doing what she loves, taking advantage of everything beautiful California has to offer; especially to free-spirited people like her. She paints on almost any surface, including wood, canvas, bark, walls. She has done many murals around Southern California, and anything else she can find; using watercolors, pastels, oils, and acrylic. She loves going outside of the box. She does Sculptures in Paper Mache, Plaster, Clay, Stone, and Wire. She has worked on some engraving on bronze and copper, and she enjoys doing collages. 

She is a very versatile artist who is always trying new things and mixing techniques and materials which give her art a Unique Style. Her work shows many influences from Surrealism, to tropical colors and cubist structure.  With her vivid use of striking color arrangements and juxtapositions, she has created a truly unique style that is all her own.


William Fajardo

Having an interest in drawing at a young age, William has drawn and painted murals of various characters and subject matter.

His passion for art started with drawing in the cities of Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and New York to currently teaching and painting for Brushes N’ Vino.

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