Corporate Team Building Los Angeles

Top Benefits of Corporate Team Building Los Angeles with Brushes N’ Vino® Mobile Painting Parties

Break away from the daily routine at work…. Paint and Pour with us!  It’s simple and a lot of fun!

 Painting with Brushes N’ Vino will help improve productivity.

 Painting with us helps increase motivation and create momentum in the office.   Completing a task together boosts confidence in employees.

 Paint and wine encourages employees to learn to work together effectively and efficiently.

 Creative activities ignites fresh ideas for your company.

It’s a great way to highlight and recognize specific employees for their work and behaviors that are conducive for the success of the company.

Fun and creative activities gives your team the opportunity to get to know each other.  This will help improve communication and break down walls that thwart production..

Identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Painting and wine may help your team improve their ability to problem solve.

A fun and competitive painting party has proven to increase productivity.

Create role reversal, as a manager may become just another team member during the activity, this leads to less confrontation and more cooperation from your team.


Allow Team Brushes N’ Vino to hook your office up with a painting party they will never forget.  Corporate team building has never been better with Brushes N’ Vino. It’s a no fuss type of event, we provide all the painting supplies, setup and clean up, and demonstrate a painting of your choice step by step for up to two hours.  Catering for food and beverages can also be arranged with any cooperating restaurant or caterer of your choice.

Call Brushes N’ Vino to work together at a common goal, our number is 949-478-0065 or email us to book your Los Angeles paint party at create@brushesnvino.com

Corporate Team Building has never been more fun!